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March 11, 2016

Historic Church, Hapeville, Georgia

Dyanna’s Blog Post on tour with Grab a Hunk of Lightning on the Southern Circuit Tour:

Great exterior of the famed church. What a history. They’ve moved the entire church twice! Nice signage near the church and old train depot.

Cocktail party and meet and greet! Gracious folks, all smiles and the famous cupcakes – great food and drink. What fun! Even the Mayor came to support the event and screening.

The woman in red apron runs the shop (Buttersweet Bakery) that made the food and cupcakes. Famous for her baking and cakes!!!!! Photos: Enjoying a cupcake and the 2 man jazz band. Even the mayor Alan Hallman was there and made fun introductions and Charlotte Renz the Main St Board President gave the entire history and explanation of the South Arts Southern Circuit and how films are chosen. Allie O’Brien was my contact there from Hapeville’s economic development but Charlotte Renz carries the day/eve there. Wow! Did we feel welcomed.

Click to hear the jazz band at the Hapeville Cocktail Party



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